Are you are a homeowner looking to hire a contractor for a home repair or home improvement project? Then 411 Contractor Referral Network is the only call you need to make!
Our service is Simple and FREE to homeowners! Simply fill out our online "Request Form" or call us and once we gather some information about your project, we will schedule 3 contractors in our network that we will match specifically to your project based on their experience and expertise, to come and provide you with a free quote.
Once you have decided which contractor you wish to hire, we will then assign them to your project and monitor the progress start to finish which helps lift the stress off your shoulders.


Read more about how we help homeowners get a contractor within our network who has been screened to ensure they are a legitimate registered business in the State of N.H., Current Insurance, No derogatory marks listed with the local BBB, No open or past law suits and verified previous home improvement projects completed with satisfaction by the homeowners.


If you are a contractor that operates out of N.H. and would like to build your business by receiving qualified leads with the best value when it comes to generating revenue versus any other form of business generating service. Just click the link below to explain more on how you can be an approved contractor in our network.

(scam alerts, news, etc.)

We are offering our blog as source of news, warnings, tips, etc. when it comes to scam warnings, homeowner horror stories, home improvement tips, etc.
Our goal is to become a self proclaimed authority on helping homeowners avoid being scammed through home improvement scams.

Charity Programs

Since the day we wrote our business plan, we vowed that we would give back to the communities that we operate in. We are in the process of talking to advisors on constructing charity programs either hosted and run by us or assist with established programs hosted by charitable organizations. Please read more if you would like to offer any ideas.

Request For
Contractor Online Form

If you would like to start the process of requesting a contractor now, just complete the questions in the electronic form. Once you hit the submit button, we will receive it within minutes, then a representative from our office will contact you to verify the information and set up for our contractors to provide you with a free quote.

Contractor Scams

Scams that have to do with home improvements have so many unique characteristics because they involve trust that involve them selling you into letting them work thin the same place that you lay your head each night and some will even write the quote on the same table that you feed your family at each night.
Click here to see some examples that we have researched for you to see some contractor scams.

Referral Rewards

We are proud to make it easier for homeowners to start the process of requesting a contractor. Just complete the questions in the electronic form and once you submit the form we will receive it within minutes. Someone from our office will contact you to verify the information and set up for our contractors to provide you with a free quote.

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